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There is no Health without Mental Health

Our prime purpose in life is to help others- Dalai lama.

Sometimes we wish to share our experiences/ pains/ problems/distress and seek a suggestion, but we are worried about being judged. Sometimes stigma towards mental health is not allowing us to seek help. The Blooming Brains is a platform where you can share your problem to get an expert opinion by a Clinical Psychologist. The Blooming brains is been developed to help the people who are in psychological distress. In ask your question link you can post your question and we will answer within few hours.

Confidentiality is a Virtue of the Loyal as Loyalty is the virtue of Faithfulness

- Edwin Louis Cole


We visited Dr. Anita Are in July 2017. I find her very professional, expert and diligent in her field of work. She is empathetic towards people and their situations. She has the ability to reach to the core of the problem and give her valuable advice. thanksRahul Rahul ,
Meeting Dr.Anitha Are is a blessing in my life. I reached her for the treatment of my niece. She is a qualified Psychologist and she treats her patients with almost care and gives complete personal attention. After the first few sessions itself, we started to see the change and completely satisfied with her approach. My niece became so close to Dr.Anitha and from that point, we stopped worrying about her. To date, though the treatment is done, she keeps in touch with my niece and supports her in every possible way. It's very rare to find such kind-hearted and uncommercial doctors who treat their patients as their own family members. In one line, Dr. Anitha Are is the best doctor as well as the best Human. Thank you so much for all the help Anitha garu!Aunty of a clientAunty of a client,
I was a very fun-loving person earlier. But situations in life made me a completely different person. When I didn't like anything I used to leave it. But somehow because of weakness or constant negativity around, I was suppressed. I forgot the actual me. I never knew what a psychologist does and used to think only mentally retarded people need a psychologist. But somehow because of my health issue I landed in a hospital and a doctor gave me Dr.Anitha ma'am's appointment. When I first met ma'am I was feeling very uncomfortable that I am sitting in front of a psychologist that I thought I would never do. Later ma'am made me feel very comfortable and I really thank God that I met a perfect person as a psychologist. She just showed the brighter side in me which I was not able to see. After a few sessions, I gained the mental strength and courage which was lost and I could feel the energy-boosting in me after each session. I was happily coming to the hospital for regular sessions and didn't feel bad about it. Society these days have no idea what a psychologist does and I would recommend ma'am to every school, college and office wherever I go. Because it is the need of the hour. I haven't met many psychologists but I am sure Dr.Anita ma'am is the best psychologist in the city. She not only gave me feedback based on her study but also by showing her life activities which made me learn a lot from her. So without having a second opinion or thought I would highly recommend ma'am to all my family and friends. Medicines do their job inside the body but along with medicines, you need a perfect psychologist to understand your problem and treat you well. And I am really grateful to God that I found the best psychologist as Anitha ma'am. We cannot thank a mother, so I couldn't thank you enough in words, ma'am.
So one last note to u ma'am- Keep shining and let others shine with ur guiding light
Student Student ,
I was in such a situation where I was very scared of thinking something not fine with me especially related to my health. I was also very scared to talk or face manipulated people in my life. I was fighting with an anxiety problem. But when I met Dr. Anitha, my life has changed so much. She has done counseling sessions and given oral therapies with her nice, caring and friendly can-do attitude and smiles. I am able to face anyone or any situations in my life now. The present situation I am in, is all because of her guidance and bold attitude to face problems, without fear. Thank you so much, Dr. Anitha, to be part of my life and wish you to help many people like me who are fighting with anxiety and fear.Client from Denmark.Client from Denmark.,
Feb 13, 2016, The day when I met a team of two who saved my married life..and made us happy again.
Ever since we married (2004), my wife, for no reason, always had a doubt that I am not loyal to her. The problem had gone beyond control. I being a doctor myself coming from a district headquarters in Karnataka wanted to consult a counselor in the nearest big city (Hyderabad) where no one recognized me. First, we consulted Dr. Krishna, he put my wife on medications and referred us to Dr. Anitha and said that more than the medicines we need good counseling sessions. That's when we met Dr. Anitha. She was so impressive in the first meeting itself. Retrospectively I can say now that She only listened to us in the first session. Such a great listener she is. And then gave some homework and sent us back with the next appointment after 2 weeks. My wife was not ready to visit Dr. Anitha during 2nd appointment. I guess this happens with the majority. We have to make sure that 2nd sitting of counseling is not missed. During the 2nd sitting My wife got so much confidence in Dr. Anitha. Results started getting evident after 2nd sitting. During the 1st visit, Dr. Anitha had told that in our case we just need to do 4 visits... and 5th visit wl only be a courtesy visit for saying thanks. And that's exactly what happened.  Dr. Anitha is so clear abt what is she dealing with, what is the challenge and how to go about. She's just passionate abt her work. She was available for us anytime over the phone. She goes to any extent for the benefit of the suffered ones like us. Thank You so much, Dr. Anitha, for making us happy.
I would like to thank Dr. Anitha, my counselor, for all the guidance she has given for my well being. She is an amazing person with an inspiring character. She conveys everything with brilliant positive energy and makes me smile every time we meet. She is very straightforward and interacts in a very friendly manner. Apart from being a doctor, she is a kind lady who tries to sort out the issues in an efficient way and tries to help me focus on my goals and the negative areas I need to improve. I enjoy the little moments we share together, as she makes me cool down my anger with a unique technique that ultimately makes me laugh. She is a genuine doctor and does not complicate the issues, instead, she breaks a big problem into smaller ones and then ultimately tends to reach an appropriate solution by solving those smaller problems by thinking of different aspects of life. Dr. Anitha has helped me gain self-confidence and has motivated me to study effectively. Every time I had an issue, she used to say, "Come on fight the problem! never give up !". She has helped forget my past experiences and pulled me into the present. I owe her a lot for all that she has done for me. I would gladly recommend Dr.Anitha to my peers for the major transformation of their livesA StudentA Student,
I would like to thank Dr. Anitha Are, I am not able to concentrate on my work, depressed, anxious and not able to tackle my life. During my first visit i was very  anxious and was not able to talk properly but by the third visit i changed a lot  I was confident and firm in my views.
coming to my doctor, i liked about Dr. Anitha Are is her friendliness. The way she eases you into the conversation, it feels like you are talking to a good friend. her way of explaining the problem is very crisp and clear. you don't have to worry that you forgot to mention a specific problem because the doctor asks questions and come to know of it. now Iam able to concentrate and my work and handle things with ease and happy. thank You Doctor
Female employeeFemale employee,
Firstly i would like to thank the person who referred me to Dr. Anitha Are. she is my counselor and my role model. she has amazing positive energy in and around her. she herself stands as an inspiration to us. though it takes one or two sessions to get into her flow, once we are in, we could see the circumstances in a more logical way. her advice, motivating words, real time examples shared during the session absolutely boost our confidence, one of her suggestions" if you are able to handle the problem, instead of suffering at least you could create alternatives to avoid it". totally changed my perceptive of dealing with the situations. she clearly understands when a person needs one to one or family counselling. she helped me handling mood swings and criticism. she is a turning point for my depression and made me learn how to stand for myself. her patience while listening to our version and concerns must be honestly appreciated. after a few session i could see changes in my intuition. Now, I am focusing  on the bright side of my life and making sure that I am in peace and comfort mood at the end of each day. so for all this transformation Dr. Anitha played truly an important roleworked as software engineer for 3 years currently pursuing MBAworked as software engineer for 3 years currently pursuing MBA,
The doctor has given tips on avoiding negative thoughts, improving confidence, and stand as a strong person. she also guided me through tough situations by being a mentor. she is not just a psychologist but a friend who keeps in touch and available on phone in need. her pleasant smile and attentiveness helped me to have an open conversation with her, she is also a good example to live life at the fullest irrespective of age gender, investing in skill set by continuous education etc. I am happy to have met herFemale working as software engineer Female working as software engineer ,