After earning my degree in (Hons), I did not taken up any profession. I was completely a home maker for 20 long years with two children and taking up the responsibilities of the family. During this journey I learned so many things, empathy, service, sharing and caring. I never expected that these skills will help me in my profession as well. I was laying a path for my professional career. Due to the job profile of my husband we got transferred to different places.

In this transition we moved to Chennai, which changed my life from home maker to the professional. I started my studies again at the age of 40 years, with my M.Sc in Psychology. The interest towards the subject motivated me to pursue my M.Phil in Clinical Psychology. In this journey

I have identified my hidden skills of talking, writing, helping and healing.

My age was an advantage when I was talking to people, it was always exciting for me to see a spark in my client’s eyes when I can help them. I got inspired with that spark, and finally found my purpose my life is helping others and I wanted to lead rest of my life to serve, to uplift and to empower people from all walks of life.

 I have pursued my P.hd in adolescent Psychology, and my Phd was awarded at the age of 50. My desire to help others gave me number opportunities to conduct sessions on different psychological issues. From school children, college students, corporate, police personal, jail authorities and so on. my wish to spread awareness on psychological issues inspired me to write articles in news papers, and were sharing my views on different psychological issues. I have given more than 200 sessions on different issues.



I slowly realized that people are not seeking help on time for their problems due to the stigma behind the psychological or Psychiatric issues; people are worried about being judged. This made me think how I can help people who do not want to seek help directly.

This question gave birth to Blooming Brains.